I am passionate about fruit and strive to encourage and promote edible gardening. I specialise in everything about fruit trees, orchards and edible gardening. 

Through my expertise I can plant, prune and maintain your orchard and garden to the highest quality.

My vision is that horticulture is more than what you see in the Garden Centres, it’s about embracing our environment and enjoying the spaces we have around us. This can be our back garden, courtyard, balcony or large estate. All have the common trend that ornamental, edibles and trees can all be grown together to create wonderful outdoor rooms. After all plants form a large part of our lives, from feeding us to healing us. Get in contact today to start your journey with your garden!

With 10 years experience working in the heart of the Garden of England, you can be confident that Fruiticulture can offer you the expertise from root to fruit!


phone 07826 264689